I love being at the forefront of technology, installing pre-release software and trying out it's new features is something I often do but quickly regret. At the end of the day; alpha, beta or pre-release software is buggy and people seem to forget this.

It's for developers

Software such as Apple's impending iOS6 update - which is currently in beta - is a prime example of consumers wanting features now and then complaining about them when they don't work or are inconsistent. Apple did not release this beta software for you to install and then use in an everyday environment. It's for developers to test their new apps and make use of newer API's.

With pre-release software comes great responsibility

I found myself being frustrated by Twitter users who were complaining that the software was draining their battery faster than usual or crashing apps that used to work on previous stable operating system. I'm not sure what they expected, the warnings are plastered all over Apple's developer center; it's beta for a reason.

If you absolutely cannot wait to use new features of an OS then at least contribute by submitting bug reports. There's nothing worse than complaining about something and not trying to actively do something about it.

End rant.