Working at an agency I’ve had the pleasure of working accross a huge range of projects and platforms. Below is just a small handpicked selection of the work I’m most proud of and some that really challenged me and pulled me out of my comfort zone.


Umbro Golaco was a Facebook app that provided a platform for football players all over the world to upload their best skills and goals. The campaign ran just before the 2014 World Cup.

My role was front end development which included heavy performance and JavaScript work aswell as integration and theming within Drupal.

Umbro Golaco Case Study


I was responsible for integrating a mobile/small screen layer into the current BooHoo website in time for their Christmas shopping season.

The site required an almost 100% JavaScript solution due to platform limitations. Highly optimised jQuery and JavaScript were used to create a faux responsive layout and remove unwanted elements from the full desktop experience.

BooHoo Mobile Case Study

British Council & Education UK

Education UK Q&A App is a Facebook App powered with a content management system that allows foreign students to ask quesitons and get answers from trusted members from Education UK. Quesitons are archived and then viewable to all students looking for more information about studying in the UK.

My role was to integrate the site into Drupal and create a responsive and performant platform.

Education UK Q&A App