Hello, I’m Tom and I’m a Web Developer from Manchester. I’ve been developing websites commercially for over 10 years using a wide variety of platforms and technologies. I’ve worked with companies such as BooHoo, Royal Bank of Scotland, Umbro, Schwarzkpf and a large chunk of the UK’s tourism sector.

My skills currently cross many fields but you could consider me an expert in Front End and Drupal development. I’ve had the pleasure of being able to grow with both these technilogies in my 15 years of web development experience.

As you’d expect a front end developer to be, I’m highly experienced with HTML, vanilla CSS and JavaScript along with a plethora of productivity tools such as Sass, PostCSS, Gulp and many others.

Day to day skills

  • HTML5
    • Semantic
    • Accessible
  • CSS
    • DRY, Flexible & Scalable
    • BEM & Atomic Methodologies
    • Device Agnostic
  • Sass
  • JavaScript & jQuery
  • Gulp & Grunt
  • Git
  • Drupal (7 & 8)
    • Theming
    • CMS Development
    • Bespoke
  • Twig
  • PHP
  • Docker & Docker Compose

Personal life

Outside of my work I’m a craft beer loving, record collecting walking stereotype.

Things I've Launched

  1. https://tuco.ac.uk
  2. https://ipaf.org
  3. https://argyllholidays.com
  4. https://argyllholidayhomesales.com
  5. http://jlr-triage.com
  6. https://www.thenewhumanitarian.org/
  7. https://clarachbay.com