Hello, I’m Tom and I’m a Web Developer from Manchester. I’ve built a wealth of agency and freelance experience through the five years I’ve been working in the digital industry. I’m predominantly a frontend developer but I’m happy working with other languages such as PHP, or Android and iOS mobile platforms.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with some great clients including the Royal Bank of Scotland, BooHoo, Umbro, Schwarzkopf and British Council to name a few. I currently work at BLISS where I am predominantly a frontend and Drupal developer.

As you’d expect a frontend developer to be, I’m highly experienced with HTML, CSS and jQuery. They make up the backbone of my skillset but I’m also more than comfortable with version control such as Git and SVN and mobile app development with Titanium. I also dabble with as many content management systems as I can.

Aside from my day job I’m a big fan of two wheels and am an avid cyclist and motorcycle rider. I also run a Paleo and fitness blog called Buns of Steel.