Hi, I'm Tom! I’ve been developing websites and web applications commercially since 2010 and dabbling in all things web circa 2005. I specialise in front-end development, Drupal, accessibility, and web performance.

I am passionate about creating user-friendly and accessible websites that perform well and can be used by everyone. I have a strong understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as Drupal and PHP. I also have a passion and strong skills in accessibility testing and web performance optimisation.

During my career I have successfully developed and delivered a large portfolio of websites and web applications to exceptionally high standards. I have also worked with a variety of customers, from small businesses, large enterprises, to charities and non-profits.

Front End Development

My skills cross many fields but you can consider me an expert in all things front-end development. My bread and butter is accessible, semantic HTML supported by clear and consise CSS.

Extending on those fundamental building blocks I use modern JavaScript to bring pages to life or build the foundations of web applications. This includes the use of frameworks such as React and Vue or extending native functionality using Web Components.


Drupal has been the mainstay technology throughout my career and there isn’t much I havent built with it. Using Drupal I have built complex medical pathway applications, ecommerce shop fronts and multilingual websites featuring hundreds of thousands of migrated content. I am a highly profient Drupal theme builder, module developer and performance tuner and I've worked with Drupal from versions 6 through to 10. I am very passionate about the Drupal community and open source technologies in general and like to make contributions where I can.


In addition to my Drupal development experience, I also have extensive experience in WebOps. I have worked with a variety of web hosting providers, managed servers and SaaS platforms. I have a deep understanding of the infrastructure that powers websites and web applications. Along side this I am also a certified Platform.sh developer.