I've been thinking a lot recently about cloud based services like Spotify and Netflix. I get so much out of them. I had a horrible thought recently, I have absolutely nothing to show for my money.

There is nothing to stop Spotify closing it's doors and it's music catalogue with it. Music is something that is incredibly important to me. In some ways it's shaped the way I've grown up. I fear that with so much reliance on the cloud I'll have nothing to share with my children in the future. I'd hate not being able to share my youth with them.

Some might say "If you like x so much then why don't you have their CD". This is a reasonable response but I actually find myself funding the artists I love in different ways such as attending their gigs and buying their merchandise. I just don't have anywhere to store CD's.

I still download music from online catalogues and the odd CD here and there but I find I'm doing this less and less. I worry for my short term pleasure that I'm denying my future children the path of musical discovery I went through.