I didn't realise how tired I was until I had a holiday.

Work has been flowing into BLISS left right and centre since just before Christmas which meant late nights and lots of stress were common for a few months. Even after the busy period where we had a lull between projects I felt I wasn't recharging properly. Like the iPhone you half charge when you've got somewhere to be: it's definitely not good for your battery!

When work started coming in again I found it really hard to engage my brain. Even for the simple things everything just felt harder than it was. This isn't like me - I give 110%.

Now I've had some time off I feel ready to get back into the office and sink my teeth into some new projects. It's amazing what a week away from the monitor can do for you.

Look after yourself, take the time once in a while to switch off and really unwind - it really does do wonders for the brain - and remember why you love what you do.